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(Easton Falls Book 1)

US Army Veteran Henry Miller embarks on a hunt at the edge of the Black Forest, but strays from the path and finds himself too close to the East Cascade Mountain Range.

Something lurks in the forest on the other side of those mountains. An ancient race of Bigfoot that have kept to themselves for centuries, until one of them defies the warnings and roams too far from the safety of their home.

When these two intersect, alliances are broken and events set in motion that will leave residents of the town of Easton Falls, Washington, fighting for their lives.

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Rebecca Crow’s four-year-old son is dead, and her husband is missing.


Divers find her husband Jon’s car at the bottom of the canal with their son Oliver’s small lifeless body inside. The police have no suspects and nothing to go on but a passing mention of a man driving a van. Guilt and grief cloud Rebecca’s thoughts as she stumbles towards her only mission: Revenge.


James Porter knows exactly what happened to them, but he’ll do anything to keep it a secret.


James didn’t plan to kill Jon and Oliver Crow, but he’s not too broken up about it, either. There are more important things for him to worry about; he needs money, and his increasing appetite for murder is catching the attention of a nosy detective.


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Trembling With Fear
Year 4

Edited by Stuart Conover

and Stephanie Ellis

"Her Mother's Smile"


The Call of the Wyld

Edited by Mark Bilsborough 

"A Werewolf's Lament"


Tales of Outre Noir

Edited by Mark Slade

"The Many Indiscretions

of Agent 592"


Edited by Amber M. Simpson 


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Edited by Claire Buss

"The Bay Sirius Witch of Atchafalaya Basin"