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I Signed With a Publisher! My debut novel, "Come Join the Murder", comes out in March of 2020!

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

My book, Come Join the Murder, will be published by Close to the Bone Publishing on March 27, 2020. CttB is a small publisher located in the UK with a focus on dark/gritty fiction. I couldn't be happier to be a part of their team, everyone has been incredibly kind and helpful. 

How it happened: I had just started the querying process, and had maybe reached out to ten agents in a couple of weeks, when my friend Haley messaged me about a small publisher. Their PR guy had reached out to her asking if she would be willing to review one of their new books coming out, and she thought their style would mesh really well with my own. Haley was familiar with Come Join the Murder, since she had proof-read my query letter, but she had not yet read my book. She told the guy about me, and he said to have me email them. I emailed my query, the editor replied within a week that he was interested in reading more, and within another week I had an offer of publication. It's a smaller publisher, so there is no advance, but because of that I get a much higher percentage of royalties than I would at a larger publishing house.

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