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ISOLATION is now available for pre-order

ISOLATION, a Halloween Anthology by Fantasia Divinity Publishing, will release on Amazon in hardback, paperback, and ebook on October 22nd, 2019. You can pre-order the ebook right now on Amazon.

My story, Flap, is featured among some pretty fantastic authors. First published by The Bookends Review Online Literary Journal, this is one of my favorite stories because it's been such a milestone setter for me. First story ever accepted for publication back in April of 2019 (not published until that summer), and one of the first to be included in an anthology. Since HAUNTED, and this were accepted the same month, they get to share that title.

Flap was initially written for a contest, The First Line, where they provide an opening line and you have to fill in the rest. I think the line was something about a window, though I can't remember the exact wording since I changed it in later edits.

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