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Flash Fiction & Poem published in Issue #44 (Can You Feel it?) of The Siren's Call eZine

Page 22: The Dinner Rush (Flash)

​Page 92: Let You Go (Poem)


The Dinner Rush was initially written for the 2018 NYCM Flash Fiction Contest. Before this story, I had only written one short story (The Hunt, that no one will ever read besides my husband, lol) and had started on my novel. This contest introduced me to my favorite writer's group on facebook, "Write Around the Block." It didn't place in the contest at all, and shouldn't have since it was sort of awful before all the edits that made Siren's Call say yes, but it was the start of my love affair with flash fiction. It's such a fun way to try out new ideas and experiment without committing to a full length novel.

Let You Go was initially written as a fun exercise for the facebook writer's group, and after a few tweaks I turned it into a poem and published it on a whim. I'm not a poet, but I'm falling more in love with free style poetry every day.

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