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Twisted Love - Flash Fiction

Today we're back at The Horror Tree for their online publication Trembling With Fear's Valentine's Day special edition. I've never been published at the same place back-to-back like this; this is strange and wonderful.

(If you don't know what I'm talking about, see their Feb 9th edition or this post.)

Click here to see the full edition. While my story on the 9th fell under their typical "Horror" category, today's story is more along the lines of "Bad Love/Unhealthy Love", because of course a horror publication can't have sweet romantic stories (and that's why I love them). If you ever see me writing a sweet romance, get my head scanned immediately because that shit is out of character.

My story, "Liberty Bell", is the third story listed. The others are as follows, and I've linked the author's websites if they had them in their bios.

* "Venus and Cupid" by Helen Mihajlovic

* "Romance In The Botanic Gardens" by S.Gepp

* "Happy Anniversary" by Robert Allen Lupton

* "Cupid, Playing" by Ken Goldman

* "Close to You" by Steven Holding

* "Vadha" by Helen Mihajlovic

* "Holding Hands" by Lin Morris

* "Wedlock" by John Adams

* "Windowsill" by Alan Derosby

* "Whole Lotta Roses" by Jennifer Canaveral

* "Perhaps Love" by Laura Coruzzi

* "Flesh-Eating Hearts" by Kevin M. Folliard

* "Conversation" by Shannon Grant

* "A Meaty Valentine’s Dinner" by Radar DeBoard

* "We Need to Talk" by Madeline Mora-Summonte

* "Valentine's Dinner" by DJ Tyrer

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