Flash Fiction & Short Stories

Trembling With Fear Valentine's Day Edition: "Liberty Bell" - Feb. 2020 (Contemporary) 

Trembling With Fear: "Her Mother's Smile" - Feb. 2020 (Horror) 

Australian Writers' Centre: Furious Fiction Contest: "I Watch Them"  (Short-listed) - Dec. 2019 (Fantasy)

Pen to Print "Write On" Showcase: "The Bay Sirius Witch of Atchafalaya Basin" - Oct. 2019 (Fantasy/Horror)
Summer Nightscares, The Siren's Call #46: "Fire in the Night" - Aug. 2019 (Horror)   

Rue Scribe for Underwood Press: "When the Swell Breaks"- Aug. 2019  (Contemporary)

Beneath the Rainbow: "The Deepest Blue" - Jul. 2019 (no longer available) (Fantasy)

 The Bookends Review:  "Flap"- Jul. 2019 (Horror/Sci-Fi)

Can You Feel It?, The Siren's Call #44: "The Dinner Rush" - Apr. 2019 (Horror/Sci-Fi)

81 Words Project: "No Longer Missing" - #558 - Feb. 2019

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