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In these stories, a cult’s demise reveals previously hidden atrocities; nightmares have someone questioning their reality; a woman clings to memories when her partner has dementia; a deadly virus renders all animals off limits for human consumption; an alien abduction brings pain to some and sadism to others; three wise men follow a star, hoping to end an apocalypse; a portrait photographer reaches her breaking point; a rougarou attacks two girls in a swamp; a werewolf defies the odds and finds love until the inevitable happens; an innocent tea party turns sinister; and more…

Cover by Lynne Hansen




Blood of the Rougarou

Even the Jellyfish

Step Right Up

How to Pose the Dead

Trash Bags

Those Goddamn Strawberries

Her Mother’s Smile

Two Months Too Long

Fire in the Night

Liberty Bell

Flesh Communion

A Werewolf's Lament

The Bay Sirius Witch of Atchafalaya Basin

I Watch Them

The Finest French Lace

Just a Dream

The Many Indiscretions of Agent 592


Three Acts

The Dinner Rush

When the Swell Breaks

Step by Step

Star of San Luis

Cat Food


"One of the best collections I’ve read all year."

-Richard Beauchamp, author of Black Tongue and Other Anomalies

"The collection, containing twenty-six pieces of work, from flash fiction, a poem, to several wonderful short stories, show Garcia's stellar storytelling skills at their finest. "

-Goodreads Review

"This collection is brimming with originality and diversity."

-Wayne Fenlon, author of The Black Cabin

"The writing is skillful, usually getting right to the point, which allows many of them to be very short... you never know what the next story is going to spring on you. Maybe a nightmare cult, maybe a taste of an apocalypse, a werewolf, a ghost, or an octosquatch.... It might also be a little slice of life from an ordinary person that’s so poignant it gives your heart a little squeeze."

-Goodreads Review

"26 stories. That's right, 26 stories, and not a bad one in the bunch. Some will break your heart; others will get under your skin. Some will make you laugh. All of them will affect you in one way or another. I mean, come on, how can you not dig a story called Octosquatch? This is a stellar collection of tales. If you haven't read Holly yet, I highly recommend this one. Excellent read.. "

-Warn Iverson (The Yeti Reads and Reviews)

"This is a top-notch collection of stories from Holly Rae Garcia. There is something to please (and disgust) every flavor of horror fan."

-Goodreads Review

"I love Holly’s writing style. You just can’t help but be captivated. Everyone needs to read her work.."

-Paul Preston


A Short Christmas Horror Story

A deadly pandemic kills 100% of those affected, and a desperate father makes the most of his daughter’s final Christmas.

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