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Twenty-six tales of desperation, sorrow, and terror. 

In these stories, a cult’s demise reveals previously hidden atrocities; nightmares have someone questioning their reality; a woman clings to memories when her partner has dementia; a deadly virus renders all animals off limits for human consumption; an alien abduction brings pain to some and sadism to others; three wise men follow a star, hoping to end an apocalypse; a portrait photographer reaches her breaking point; a rougarou attacks two girls in a swamp; a werewolf defies the odds and finds love until the inevitable happens; an innocent tea party turns sinister; and more…


Cover by Lynne Hansen


Flap - Blood of the Rougarou - Even the Jellyfish - Step Right Up - How to Pose the Dead - Trash Bags - Those Goddamn Strawberries - Her Mother’s Smile - Two Months Too Long - Regulators - Star of San Luis - Liberty Bell - Flesh Communion - A Werewolf’s Lament - The Bay Sirius Witch of Atchafalaya Basin - Step by Step - The Finest French Lace - I Watch Them - Just a Dream - Octosquatch - The Dinner Rush - Fire in the Night - Three Acts - When the Swell Breaks - Cat Food - The Many Indiscretions of Agent 592

Several of the included stories are available to read online for free!

If you want a little taste of the collection, check out the following:


A Short Christmas Horror Story

A deadly pandemic kills 100% of those affected, and a desperate father makes the most of his daughter’s final Christmas.

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